Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep - by Matthew Walker #

Date Read: 2018-12-30 #

Notes #

How to sleep well #

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule (same for both weekdays and weekends)
  2. No exercise 3 hours before sleep (it raises your body temperature which persists after exercise, making it hard to sleep)
  3. Avoid caffeine and nicotine. (Coffee, Cola, Teas, chocolate)
  4. No alcoholic drinks before bed. (Affects REM sleep)
  5. Avoid large meals which might cause indigestion. Avoid too much fluids that cause frequent awakenings to urinate
  6. Avoid medicines that delay or disrupt sleep. Take early in evening
  7. No naps after 3pm (Removes the sleep pressure of adenosine, making it hard to sleep at night)
  8. Relax before bed. Don’t overschedule your day
  9. Take a hot bath before bed. Drop in body temp after bath can help you feel sleepy
  10. Dark bedroom, Cool bedroom, gadget-free bedroom
  11. Have the right sunlight exposure. Wake up with the sun or use bright lights in the morning.
  12. Don’t lie in bed awake for more than 20 minutes