Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got - by Jay Abraham #

Date Read: 2019-03-07 #

Notes #

Book about email, internet marketing

Your business should create your own breakthroughs

  • know your strengths and weaknesses

  • thinks of everyone as clients, long term

  • offer a free trial

  • what is your unique selling proposition?

  • make them an offer they can’t refuse, provide guarantees, so your clients won’t make the wrong decision

  • provide a package deal

  • do small inexpensive tests to gather information

  • partner with another company to sell to their mailing list

  • implement a client referral system, easier to generate more sales from existing clients’ friends

  • reactivate lost clients

  • use direct mailing, marketing

  • go after prospects not suspects

  • trade (without using cash) if it makes sense