I am a Solutions Architect and have created solutions architecture for large tenders for hybrid environments and on premise environments. Although my title is so, I also take on other responsibilities depending on the situation. I have been involved as a Technical Manager, driving the product roadmap for ongoing product improvement and project delivery. I also perform periodic technology scans to evaluate suitability of technology adoption or integration for my organization. I am certified Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, PSM I and PSPO I.

I also graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology program. I had delivered innovative training applications utilizing emerging technology, like AR, VR and Magic Leap. Some of these projects have been featured on The Straits Times and ChannelNewsAsia.

In my free time, I enjoy self-improvement and reading. Reading allows me to experience the life and ideas of other people. It is like the closest thing to being able to live multiple lives.

From my self discovery, I realized I needed time to absorb the content and ideas from books. I needed to write down the ideas, so that I do not forget them, and it takes time before I can internalize the ideas, accepting, modifying or rejecting them. It’s for this reason that I have a Book Summaries section, where I have put up some of my past notes about books I have read. It’s messy and they are not meant to be complete summaries, but maybe you can discover something useful for yourself in there.